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Cremation Urns for Ashes

With the growing number of families choosing cremation services, manufacturers have responded by developing an extensive number of offerings.  We provide a number of these options in popular styles fabricated in wood, marble, ceramic, bronze and a number of other new materials.

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Cremation Urn Types

Bronze – Natural - Known for long lasting durability and decorative styling, bronze is one of the most valued materials used in crafting memorial urns.

Bronze – Fabricated - Like natural bronze, these urns are constructed of a precious material. They offer great value and can be personalized with appliqués or engraving.

Hardwood - These urns offer the natural appeal of solid hardwood. Some are simple in design while others are laser or hand carved to form three-dimensional reliefs. These artistic portraits are formed by layering carvings to form a variety of beautiful scenes. Hardwood urns are available in an assortment of styles, designs and finishes and can be personalized with simple or elaborate engraving.

Brass - These urns offer value because of their durability and price. They are available in a variety of colors, styles and designs.

Memory Chests - These dual purpose urns can be used to hold cremated remains with the included plastic insert. Or, use the memory chest to hold special keepsakes that invoke fond memories of your loved one. Bronze inserts are also available at an additional cost.

Stainless Steel & Pewter - With styles ranging from contemporary to traditional, these urns provide durability and strength. Their sleek, simple look is ideally suited for personalized engraving.

Crystal & Glass - Crystal urns are handcrafted in leaded crystal and finished with metallic paint to enhance the beauty. Glass urns are usually hand-blown and offer a contemporary and unique style. They vary in patterns and colors.

Porcelain & Ceramic - Porcelain urns are hand-painted with various images and designs. Some include the addition of gold trim. Ceramic urns are kiln fired and vary in patterns and colors.

Cloisonné - Offering vividly colorful designs gilded upon a solid copper core, these urns offers an artistic flair at a great value.

Marble – Solid - Offering a natural, long-lasting appeal, these urns are cut from a single block of marble. Made from a natural product, they offer unique striations and colors. The Floral Rose Collection is hand sculpted from white marble and available in a variety of styles and designs.

Marble – Cultured - These urns are crafted by mixing ground marble dust with epoxies. They offer strength and value in a variety of colors.

Clay – Hand painted resin cast from a handmade clay mold. Many of these urns contain a floral design inviting warming memories of a family treasure.

Composite – A solid surface composite with a blend of natural minerals. These urns are buffed and polished to create a gloss shine.

Biodegradable - For a natural return to the earth, these urns are handmade from sustainable resources. No trees are cut down to manufacture these products and they include a water-soluble, biodegradable bag.

Scattering Tubes - Simplify the scattering process for ashes with these biodegradable tubes. Each features a removable lid, “push in” tab to easily dispense the cremated remains into the wind, water or other location. They contain no metal or plastic components and can be recycled or composted after use.

Infant Urns - Smaller designs constructed of bronze, wood, glass or ceramic.

Temporary - Used for temporary shelter of cremated remains.Veteran’s Urns - All urns made in the United States to honor the ultimate sacrifice of our veterans. They can include full color military emblems and are constructed of wood, stainless steel or bronze.

Double Capacity - Larger design styles with a greater capacity to hold cremated remains. These urns are made from a variety of materials including bronze, hardwood and marble.

Urn Vaults - Some cemeteries require an urn vault when you elect to bury cremated remains. These urn vaults, constructed of polystyrene, protect the urn and help ensure the integrity of the ground.

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